Govt to make safety harness mandatory for children

Govt to make safety harness mandatory for children below 4 years on motorcycles; cap speed to 40 kph

Safety First: Motorcycles to Mandate Harnesses for Young Passengers

In a move prioritizing child safety, the government is set to introduce regulations requiring safety harnesses for children under 4 years old travelling on motorcycles. This important step comes alongside a speed restriction of 40 kph for motorcycles carrying young passengers.

Why the Change?

Motorcycles offer convenient transportation, but they lack the safety features of cars. Children are especially vulnerable in the event of an accident. The new harness requirement aims to significantly reduce the risk of injuries for young passengers by keeping them securely positioned in their seats.

Harnessing Safety

Safety harnesses designed specifically for motorcycles are available. These harnesses attach to the motorcycle frame, providing a secure hold for the child and preventing them from falling off or being thrown forward in a sudden stop.

Speed Limits for Safety’s Sake

The reduced speed limit for motorcycles carrying young passengers acknowledges the increased risk at higher speeds. By limiting speed, riders have more time to react to unexpected situations and reduce the severity of any potential impact.

Education Alongside Enforcement

While enforcement will play a role, the initial focus will be on educating parents and caregivers about the importance of child safety on motorcycles. Awareness campaigns will highlight the benefits of harnesses and the dangers of carrying young children without proper restraints.

Safety is a Shared Responsibility

This new regulation reflects a commitment to protecting children on the roads. By working together, parents, caregivers, and authorities can ensure that every motorcycle journey with a young passenger prioritizes safety above all else.


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